The new Suite Spot is all about fun.
It’s a magnet for customers, and a real money-maker, too.
But it’s also a serious investment.

Thanks to QubicaAMF’s 30 years of bowling and mini bowling entertainment expertise you can rest easy knowing you’ll be getting a great return on that investment plus a low total cost of ownership.

Expect nothing but the best—from QubicaAMF
The new Highway66 has been manufactured and tested to withstand the tough play bowlers can often dish out, and is made using the same robust construction and quality of our traditional bowling solution. Parts last longer. Maintenance is easier. And you’ll have more money left for other areas of your business. Sounds good? We thought so.

Offering unmatched reliability, the TMS String Pinspotter on the new Highway66
is the only one of its kind based on cutting-edge technology.

Exclusive Machine Control with LCD Display

An LCD display and keypad at the front of the machine pair provides full control of machine operation and settings.
Quick and easy operation is part of what makes the new Highway66 such a great attraction—and a fine investment.

Exclusive Machine Integrated Diagnostics

The string machine control box monitors all functions of the pinspotter, while the LCD display shows any issues or warnings that may arise.
QubicaAMF innovations offer quick troubleshooting to minimize downtime on your Highway66 solution.

Fewer Mechanical Adjustments

Unlike other mini bowling solutions on the market, the majority of adjustments on the new Highway66 are electronic and made through the control box—most are 'set it and forget it'.
Quick troubleshooting helps to minimize downtime.

Exclusive 100% Solid State Sensors and Electronics

The sensors and electrical components on the new Highway66 machine are all solid state, giving it a much longer lifecycle—unlike other mini bowling products in the market.
You and your people will save time, plus save money on parts replacement.

Exclusive Machine Premium Quality Components & Construction

Relax. The Highway66 string machine is built tough—ready to handle the high duty cycles your FEC equipment must face. It features:
• Heavy-gauge steel, rubber and wooden structural components
• Top-quality drive system components
• Modern electronics
You can be assured that Highway66 is 100% reliable, and very inexpensive to operate.

Extra-Thick Lane Laminates

The smaller balls used in mini bowling can give lanes a beating. But the laminate on the new Highway66 lanes is the same thickness as that on traditional bowling lanes—a full .375", making them even more reliable and durable.
Bottom line: your Highway66 attraction will last and last.

Heavy-Duty Lane Foundations

Like its lane laminates, Highway66 lane foundations are beefed up so they can stand up to even the worst day-to-day punishments. Made of modular OSB and MDF wood sections, they help ensure your investment will keep delivering a great return for years.

Extreme innovation.
At work for you.

Helping you succeed and be more profitable is our main mission at QubicaAMF. That’s why we take innovation so seriously, and focus all of our energy on creating products to grow your business. The fact is that no one invests as much in product development as we do every year. Over 50-strong, our managers, designers, engineers, analysts and programmers are the industry’s best, largest and most experienced R & D we are proud to introduce The Suite Spot™ – the ultimate way to attract and maximize your group and party business. [...]

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